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Shaping the Future of Agricultural Innovation!

Embark on a journey of transformative collaboration with AKISConnect, where actors from all over Europe converge to leverage the power of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems.

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Cultivating Tomorrow

AKISConnect's Cornerstones for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry Excellence

cultivating tomorrow
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Holistic Knowledge Integration

Empower AKIS actors through AKISConnect. Break down traditional silos by integrating diverse knowledge areas – from system thinking to experiential knowledge and digital innovations. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, we create a space where holistic insights pave the way for transformative change.

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Empowering Local Communities

AKISConnect is committed to nurturing local AKIS communities through targeted capacity-building initiatives. Our goal is to create vibrant, self-sustaining Communities of Practice (CoPs) where farmers, advisors, researchers, and stakeholders actively engage.

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Dynamic Cross-Country Collaboration

AKISConnect paves the way for dynamic collaboration through Cross-Country Communities of Practice (ccCoPs). Connect with actors from different Member States, transcending geographical constraints. In this space, we catalyze cross-border innovation discussions, implementing the collaborative ethos championed by ATTRACTISS and modernAKIS on an international scale.

Our Vision

Unlocking Tomorrow's Agriculture

Discover the power of transformative approaches as AKISConnect bridges the worlds of modernAKIS and ATTRACTISS EU funded projects. Experience a unique journey where system thinking, capacity building, and multi-actor engagement drive impactful change.

cultivating tomorrow

Discover a World of Benefits

Empowering Change through Collaboration and Knowledge



Connect, Collaborate, Transform

Explore the Interactive Map of Europe, connect with key AKIS actors, and witness Member States in action. Uncover AKIS strategies and Interventions for effective governance and modernization.


AKIS in Practice - Bridging Theory to Action

Discover real-world examples showcasing how AKIS in practice contributes to agricultural transformation. Learn from models that have successfully bridged the gap between theory and action.



Rich Tools for Active Innovation

Rich tools to support farmers in realizing their innovative ideas, for sustainable agriculture and forestry.

Training Materials

Mastering Transformative Knowledge

Acquire skills that empower you to be a catalyst for transformative change. Learn to contribute to sustainable agriculture through comprehensive courses.


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